Monthly Archive: December 2013

We The People

It’s important to remember we are in charge and, as V would say, our government should be afraid of us. Snowden has clarified that things are backward.

If you read the post linked above without also clicking through and reading the link it contains, you are missing out. I only have the vaguest memory that there was ever a scandal regarding something called INSLAW, so I looked it up and found it fascinating. Especially given that it involved case management software that was so early, and made me think of software with which I’ve been involved, but used for nefarious purposes, and used/adapted heavily for making connections every which way between people, not just documents or legal cases.

It seems like we’re on a precipice, windmilling our arms, trying to maintain balance, but we’re failing… and perhaps we’ve been closer to the edge for longer than we could preceive.

That Was Close!

I just almost linked a story about a Twitter chatbot someone wrote to argue with “anti-science” types, regarding AGW, and at the last second I realized that the writer and bot were arguing FOR global warming and the title of the article was being misleading in referring to skeptics as “anti-science.” Pretty impressive, though, defending the increasingly indefensible by wearing down people until they stop responding.

AGW seems to be a huge blind spot. I have a friend who is all science when it comes to vaccinations and other things, but in keeping with the above, gets all religious on AGW and considers “deniers” to be “anti-science.” It’s bizarre.

Exit Six Pub and Brewery For The Win

Frankly, I had no idea that Frappucino was a trademark. I just thought it was a type of coffee-based drink. Be that as it may, even if Starbucks served drinkable coffee, I would have laughed my tail off and appreciated this brilliant response to an absurd cease and desist letter. I’m sure everyone was totally confused that a beer on tap could be a coffee-based drink designed to emulate or detract from that vended by Starbucks to people whose taste or options lead them not to go somewhere better.

Log Cabin Bargain

I’d make some changes, even if I weren’t going to stay in it long-term, but this log cabin project is a pretty cool demonstration of what can be done on a tight budget and with a sprinkling of found materials. Not sure how I feel about the waste oil furnace as a lone heating source, but it’s compact. There’d be a lot to be done to bring this up to the standards of a typical tiny house, but those are made with a presumption of water source, and with enough of a budget to allow for electricity.

Gone Mad In Ohio

HSLDA weighs in. They do fantastic work, notwithstanding the excess religious overtones of the organization. That’s a heavy source of homeschoolers and they did a lot of heavy lifting to ensure it is legal everywhere and easy in many states, so hats off, even though religion would not be among my reasons for homeschooling. If I could afford to do it.

More On Homeschooling Madness

Matt Walsh:

There is no power the state doesn’t have if it has a power over your children that supersedes your own.

Let me put it still another way:

If you do not have the right to teach and raise your own children on your own terms, then you don’t have the right to free speech, religion, association, or privacy, and you are not protected from unreasonable government intrusion into your personal life.