Am I a cheater?

Interesting article that points to another interesting article. I love it when that happens.

Anyway, I play games for pleasure, and for me that doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect performance. In fact, it usually means a good-enough one;  for example, unless I’m after a specific achievement, I tend to play on easy. The story for me is generally more important than the challenge of blowing things up. (A notable exception is Skyrim, where combat is a different animal than the games I’ve been playing recently.)

I cheat. I cheat where I can’t figure things out and I can’t advance the storyline until I do. Puzzles I can’t solve usually get half an hour or so of my beating my head against the wall before I peek at a walkthrough. And yes, achievements I can’t seem to achieve? The folks who post their methods to YouTube are occasionally my heroes. It really doesn’t feel like cheating when these things are so amazingly weird and obscure that I’m amazed anyone ever figured them out at all.

On the other hand, I almost never go back to a prior save, which is weird because I don’t consider it cheating. I just have a hang-up about time and what happened having happened makes it irrevocable, like it is in the world we live in. Pity, too. I could save myself a lot of trouble that way. When I, like the author, shot a guard in Markarth, I decided to battle it out. It was entertaining, but the authorities were ultimately unimpressed. Funny thing is that I’m usually so polite in that game.

In any case, I’m in awe of the folks who never do any of these things, even though I have no desire to ever be that good at it.


  1. Erika

    Thanks! Too funny that you played through the Markarth shootout… did you end up with a bounty on your head, or did you manage to kill all the witnesses?

  2. Guest (Post author)

    There was a bounty, lol. I have never been one for wholesale slaughter, but they just kept coming and by that point I was committed. I don’t even want to take a guess at how many I killed before I found my way out of the city. I always get lost in Markarth.

    Funny thing is that if I’m remembering right (and this was quite some time ago, so I might not be), the guard who finally nabbed me for it later on was in some completely improbable place that was far enough from a city to make me wonder what the heck he was doing there.


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