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Cleveland Owes These Men

It’s not much compared to stealing decades of their time, but it ought to be a law – and I don’t say that lightly because that is one of the most dangerous phrases in English – requiring a minimum of what they might have earned over those years in compensation. At current pay and/or with accrued interest. And the pension that would go with it, if they were in a position that pays one. Mistakes are bad enough, but to coach a kid and rely on that bogus testimony to wrongfully convict… well, there are some cops who belong in jail, if not the prosecutor in this case.

Bad Judge on “the place to avoid in Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino”

I know, it’s France and what would a French court know about how the Internet works, but still, what an absurd decision. Write a review, get high search result placement, get fined?

Well, maybe not that absurd. I once wrote elsewhere about local news, a matter of public record, and thought I would get an offer I couldn’t refuse when Google didn’t clear the results out of cache fast enough, even after I promptly took it down in fear for my safety. And that was a case of people simply not understanding how the Internet worked, and how Google worked. At least that’s just people, not a judge or other legal authority.

Deja News

Anyone remember Deja News? You wouldn’t, if you were never active on Usenet, which was a big part of the Internet before the web was developed (announced on Usenet, mind you) and became, to most mind, “the Internet.” It was a web site that could be used to access and to search Usenet. Search being the big deal, though it was handy to have something that didn’t require a news reader program.

Google bought Deja News eons ago, which drew mixed expectations that leaned, if I recall correctly, negative. Still, they made some improvements for a while, and used it to promote non-Usenet “groups.” There had been various companies offering those. Ultimately it came down mainly to Yahoo, and groups were and are essentially mailing lists that also have a web archive/interface. Which isn’t so hard to do. I run a little-used mailing list of former colleagues, using a common mailing list program, and it keeps a web archive/interface members can access, if they know and remember they can. But I digress.

Google has increasingly downplayed Groups, their own and especially Usenet, perhaps even to the point of helping Usenet be forgotten. First you take over an important access point and tool, then you make it obscure…

As it turns out, there is still an alternate Deja search interface out there that can get you the results that may no longer be easy to search for otherwise. Worth knowing about, if you want to take a look back.

Name By Sound, People

This is fascinating data and analysis of a naming trend that’s gotten out of hand, making names ending in N the overwhelming choice for boys. A big factor is rhyming name families, including sets of the same name with many spellings. Take all the spellings and call them one name, and something like Jayden, a name I only heard of for the first time several years ago, is up in popularity with the classic popular names. When the wife and I were picking names, apart from two of them being homages, we pointedly tried for ones that were not in the top 100. By sound, not spelling. We even preferred middle names that wouldn’t be too popular, without being weird or hard to spell, either.