Another Thing

I always heard “another thing coming” until sometime in, say, the last twenty years. I took “another think coming” to be a variant people employed to be funny. Since I am not much younger than Rand Simberg, it may have once been a regionalism to use think rather than thing, so we learned it differently when young. It’s unfortunate that noting the difference was lent emotional attachment by deploying it as Sarah-bashing, thinking she’s stupid for using the more common version of a phrase.

On the plus side, from the comment thread I learned that “another think coming” was the original, largely replaced by morphing of the language.

Master Penman

My kids aren’t being taught cursive in school, except if one of the teachers makes an effort to cover it a little, or if one of the kids is curious enough to go out of her way to learn. I agree, that’s sad and mistaken. I love technology as much as anyone, but how can you not teach handwriting? This is a fascinating video, wherever you fall on the penmanship-in-school issue.

Name By Sound, People

This is fascinating data and analysis of a naming trend that’s gotten out of hand, making names ending in N the overwhelming choice for boys. A big factor is rhyming name families, including sets of the same name with many spellings. Take all the spellings and call them one name, and something like Jayden, a name I only heard of for the first time several years ago, is up in popularity with the classic popular names. When the wife and I were picking names, apart from two of them being homages, we pointedly tried for ones that were not in the top 100. By sound, not spelling. We even preferred middle names that wouldn’t be too popular, without being weird or hard to spell, either.