The Hills Are Alive

With the sound of fictionalization. It’s fascinating to read the real story of the Von Trapp family. I think I already knew they made basically nothing from the movie, and I certainly knew it was fictionalized, if not to what degree. The thing is, they did gain enough additional fame to boost their inn, and along with it tourism to the Stowe area in Vermont, which is well worth visiting. When my father lived up near the Quebec border, I’d visit and we’d go down through Stowe, one of the best parts of which was a stop at Cold Hollow Cider Mill in the same general area. The Von Trapps picked a nice spot.

In some kind of fucked up throwback to 1996, when there were still people who didn’t understand the Internet and thought you needed permission to link them, Cold Hollow Cider Mill has requested I remove the link to them in this post, which I have done, under threat of some kind of blacklisting. While I still remember them fondly as a cool place to visit, which I haven’t done in over nine years, I will never dream of linking or attempting to promote them favorably again, because this is ridiculous behavior. If you don’t want to be linked, get the fuck of the web.

Misheard Lyrics

Seeing this post that is otherwise a good one on politics amused me by being a wakeup call on a misheard lyric.

I have always hear the line in question in Who’ll Stop The Rain as:
“Bobby plans a new deal, wrapped in golden chains.”

I took it to be a reference to Bobby Kennedy, though it seemed odd in that a song that was ostensibly anti-war would presumably have supported rather than denigrated that particular Kennedy at the time. Still, some kind of political statement about freedom and government spending, I presumed.

Turns out, I learned from Ed Driscoll’s title, the line is actually:
“Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains.”

Which is even more strongly a statement along the lines I had figured, just not directed at a politician by name. Learn something new every day!