Another Thing

I always heard “another thing coming” until sometime in, say, the last twenty years. I took “another think coming” to be a variant people employed to be funny. Since I am not much younger than Rand Simberg, it may have once been a regionalism to use think rather than thing, so we learned it differently when young. It’s unfortunate that noting the difference was lent emotional attachment by deploying it as Sarah-bashing, thinking she’s stupid for using the more common version of a phrase.

On the plus side, from the comment thread I learned that “another think coming” was the original, largely replaced by morphing of the language.

Garbage Wars

Seattle has gone too far in trying to ensure people recycle properly, and compost their garbage. In my town, over the summer we switched to town-supplied trash and recycle barrels that will work with shiny new hands-off garbage trucks. Reduces labor, except all the workers who no longer man the trucks remain employed by the town. Makes things safer. Especially when the new trucks actually work. My theory on the whole thing was “follow the money.” Who would benefit from the purchase of the new trucks and all those barrels? Who would make money on a dramatic increase in recyclables? And yes, the town was being held over a barrel by the regional trash facility planning to hike its fees, giving them an incentive.

While it has surprised us just how much recycling we generate, and most such stuff does go the right place, we, and other in town, were horrified by the word, before the thing rolled out, that cameras on the ruck would allow them to monitor and penalize you. We started using opaque trash bags, which were better in other ways, in case they did this. On the plus side, while they’d prefer that people compast garbage, it is not required. For many of us, it would not be viable, unless it were a third category of stuff being picked up by the town. Further, that still leaves foods that aren’t compostable, like raw meat trimmings. Or sad incidents like an entire package of spoiled chicken or – gasp! – bacon.

Religion… Meh

There is positive research on raising religion-free children. This is what we have been doing, and the findings, plus what has long been known in criminology, don’t surprise me. No offense to my religious friends, but to sell a child on a religion, you are encouraging belief in a fantastical story, a set of “facts” that are circularly supported by faith. Morality exists apart from religion. If religion touts some of the same morality, great. You don’t need religion to tell you to be excellent to each other, not to harm people if you wouldn’t want people to harm you, or that certain things are inherently wrong. You don’t have to suspend your rational mind to be a good person, and you might just be less susceptible to behaving as a bad person due to irrationality. At any rate, interesting stuff.

The posting, it is lacking.

The life, it is ridiculous.

Spent Monday trying to document my existence for multiple federal agencies and at least one state one, Tuesday with multiple appointments and a big grocery shop, today with household odds and ends and trying to duck a nervous breakdown, tomorrow a friend is having surgery and I’m his ride and support, and Friday we’ve got a court hearing.

Next week I’m not leaving the house, I swear to Bob.