More On Homeschooling Madness

Matt Walsh:

There is no power the state doesn’t have if it has a power over your children that supersedes your own.

Let me put it still another way:

If you do not have the right to teach and raise your own children on your own terms, then you don’t have the right to free speech, religion, association, or privacy, and you are not protected from unreasonable government intrusion into your personal life.


I can remember being deeply offended by this sort of thing as far back as childhood, and I am no longer young by most standards. If you are there and things are how they are, it is entirely wrong for people to come along later and complain, just because they had the audacity to build or occupy new construction in your area. The story I remember from my youth is of new neighbors shutting down a small airport that long preceded them. Bad enough that new arrivals can change the character of an area in more subtle ways, like making it less purple and more blue in nature.

Nascent Police State

When I was a kid, I was horrified by the idea of living in the Soviet Union, or somewhere like it, where I perceived that you could be locked up on a whim, for doing something that shouldn’t be illegal, or for no reason at all. As an adult, I am horrified that the United States has an absurd incarceration rate, overuses SWAT, has overzealous (not to mention any) enforcement of victimless crime, and that the use of punishment after your punishment for “sex offenders” is not only done, but to popular acclaim. I am not alone.