Master Penman

My kids aren’t being taught cursive in school, except if one of the teachers makes an effort to cover it a little, or if one of the kids is curious enough to go out of her way to learn. I agree, that’s sad and mistaken. I love technology as much as anyone, but how can you not teach handwriting? This is a fascinating video, wherever you fall on the penmanship-in-school issue.

Cups Revisited

Devin Gallant, a local 11 year old, took me back a couple years with her excellent rendition of Cups:

Recently I’d caught the song on the radio a few times, in parts, the way you do when switching around. It was OK, but I wasn’t that impressed. What I assumed was that I was finally hearing the original, as opposed to the famous cover by Anna Burden that introduced me to the song a couple years ago:

Turns out that Anna inspired an industry of sorts, of Cups covers and video tutorials. She also inspired someone named Anna Kendrick to have a hit. The video is cute, and sounds better to me while entertained by watching it than it did on the radio. On the reasonable assumption that’s the version I was catching.

Devin is clearly talented, especially for her age, but Cups going viral has been done, so not sure how far this will go.

What I found fascinating about Cups is that the original dates back to 1931. What Anna Burden covered was a 2009 update and expansion on that. Not quite as unexpected as a song having been written by a future US vice-president decades before it was a hit, but deep roots nonetheless.